Thursday, 25 September 2014

Farm Implements Manufacturers

The economy of many countries depends on primary goods, particularly agricultural goods. Agriculture and farming is responsible for feeding billions all over the world and also impacts other industries directly. A healthy agricultural sector means a healthy economy and a healthy nation.

The importance of agriculture is undeniable. However, owing to the rise in population and infertile lands have raised questions whether our produces are going to be sufficient or not. The challenge was doubly tough because not only was the way to increase production important, the availability and affordability across the globe was as vital as the method.

In Search of a Solution

Our scientists have come up with more than one solution. They have made products to improve the fertility of land, they have come up with better vehicles and last, but definitely not least, they have come up with farm implements.

Simple on the face, the cutting-edge implements invented have made farmers smart and more efficient. These implements have allowed a cultivator to grow in massive numbers and meet the growing demands.   

Gone are those days when farmers used to plant by hands and spent hours sweating in the fields. Today, they plant, cultivate and harvest in air-conditioned vehicles using latest farm implements like harrows, plows, rotavators, rollers and ridgers. 

Although the problem is far from being completely resolved, scientists have significantly reduced the burden from farmer’s shoulders. The credit of availability and affordability goes to farm implement manufacturers and exporters who have answered the call and delivered super-quality, up-to-the-minute implements.

Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Useful Farming Implements

Mouldboard Plough

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Offset Disc Harrow


Front Agricultural Loader

Farm Implements - Why Look for them Online?

Farm Implements are few of the most important items when it comes to agriculture and agriculture machinery. Implements such as disc harrow, disc plow are mostly and commonly used along with the tractor and without good quality implements good agriculture can’t be done because if the implements would not be durable enough, there is a very high risk of getting it damaged or broken during farming. Thus the farm implements should always be of high quality and durability because implements are actually on the ground and doing all the harsh and rigid work when attached with the tractor. 

If you plan to buy the implements offline or physically go, check them at a store near you or anything like that, there is a good probability you might end up not getting the original product because it might not be necessary that the supplier you have contacted is the original one. He could be an unlicensed or a fraudulent dealer supplying you with Chinese second-rate products.

Instead, try the web first. There are a lot of benefits of purchasing farm implements online because you get to choose the best of the best implements available from all around the world. You get to compare the prices, check and connect to most reliable suppliers of the industry so that you get the original and durable farm implements from them. 

Anytime you use the farm implements purchased online you would be satisfied because with the farm implements, you get the authenticity certificate of the trusted supplier and you can be certain that the product you have bought is absolutely original. You can also verify that particular company online with its international presence and see the positive or negative review about that particular supplier/company.

Whenever you plan to purchase farm implements, make sure you get it from the best supplier online. For the implements as well as tractors brand like Massey Ferguson and FIAT New Holland, AECO Export Company is the one of the top suppliers and exporters for Massey Ferguson and FIAT New Holland tractors, farm implements and accessories. That’s the name which you can trust.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Harrows – What are they and Where to Buy Them?

What are Harrows?
Harrows are kind of farming implements and have been existing for quite some time now. Because they go way back, even before the time of tractors, they were usually driven by horses. Even today in some extremely underdeveloped nations, this remains a practice.

When it comes to soil cultivation, they are indispensable; their biggest advantage being able to chop up already-plowed soil. This is especially useful before planting as it levels the soil and breaks any lumps present in the way.

Types of Harrows
Farming harrows can be of multiple types. The most common ones include disc, tine, chained and spiked harrows. For heavy duty work, disc harrow – which is a composition of metal discs attached with a frame – is usually preferred.

Where to Look for Harrows?
For someone that is completely new to the framing world, I would suggest searching over the internet. Internet can give a newbie the knowledge he is searching for. It is also a great place to find the latest models and the best deals. The best part of internet is time saving. Internet allows the buyer to compare brands and suppliers in minutes by listing all the pros and cons. Even those that are unable to buy a new disc harrow can get best deals of used farming implements.
Tractors have leveled up farming by a notch. Harrows when utilized via tractor can make rolling on toughest soil feel literally like a cakewalk.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Grain Cart Checklist

Farm Implements – Removing a Farmer's Workload

It is true that ‘a farmer’s work is never done.’ His job is long, hard and tiring. He has to grow crops, control weed, prevent livestock from ruining his work, and tackle the ruthless weather. With so much on his plate, how can he manage all of it? Simple – with implements.

A Farmer has an access to possibly more than a hundred tools for farming. All of these tools serve specific purpose and thus allow a farmer to maximize his efforts. Some of the tools he has access to are following:
  • Hay Balers
  • Ridgers
  • Diggers
  • Harrowers
  • Plows
  • Watering implement
  • Seeders

These are only to name a few. All of these implements, like mentioned, have specific purposes so it is crucial for a farmer to know what to use and where to use. Most of the implements are intended as add-ons to a tractor. These tools are meant to be used on the field and hence must not be used when driving on road.

But, where these tools solve an issue, they do raise some concerns. Farm implements must be kept in chains, or hitched because these implements are heavy, sometimes weighing more than the weight of the vehicle itself. Leaving implement unhitched can be unsafe. Also, the tractor must be powerful enough to tow and support the implements. It must also have powerful brakes.

The saying still holds true for a farmer, although evidently, his life has been eased to great extent.