Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Handful of Tractor Safety Tips

You can’t take chances with your tractor because it’s a pricy farming machine. It takes years to conjure enough money, and with the current crime ratio, it’s nearly impossible to protect them without safety equipments. 

Following are some of accessories that can keep your tractor safe from theft and damage. 

1. Tractor Locks

Simple but effective way of ensuring the machine stays safe from tractor-jackers. Different tractors will use different types of lock for safety. The different types of locks include door locks and steering locks. 

These locks not only protect the equipment from theft, they also prevent mishaps occurring out of inadvertence and mistake. With these locks keeping things tight, no one rolls out of tractor unintentionally.

2. Backup Alarm

Backup alarms will make the sound alert as you reverse. This is extremely helpful for farmers with family and pets. As you begin to drive it back, the alarm will alert those around with a sharp sound so they can act in time avoid any unfortunate incident. 

3. Locking Fuel Cap

Locking fuel caps can also help you keep the tractor safe. With a locking fuel cap, vandals are unable to steal the fuel while the aforesaid locks prevent them from stealing your tractor. A fual cap can also protect the machine from accidental damages. Another merit of fuel caps is that they safeguard the tank from debris and dirt. 

What makes them even more convenient is that these tools are not tractor-specific. A door lock will work with every tractor brand. Similarly, a fuel cap will work as smoothly for a New Holland Tractor as for Massey Ferguson Tractor.

So start looking for these must-haves because the sooner you begin the protection, the better.