Thursday, 18 September 2014

Harrows – What are they and Where to Buy Them?

What are Harrows?
Harrows are kind of farming implements and have been existing for quite some time now. Because they go way back, even before the time of tractors, they were usually driven by horses. Even today in some extremely underdeveloped nations, this remains a practice.

When it comes to soil cultivation, they are indispensable; their biggest advantage being able to chop up already-plowed soil. This is especially useful before planting as it levels the soil and breaks any lumps present in the way.

Types of Harrows
Farming harrows can be of multiple types. The most common ones include disc, tine, chained and spiked harrows. For heavy duty work, disc harrow – which is a composition of metal discs attached with a frame – is usually preferred.

Where to Look for Harrows?
For someone that is completely new to the framing world, I would suggest searching over the internet. Internet can give a newbie the knowledge he is searching for. It is also a great place to find the latest models and the best deals. The best part of internet is time saving. Internet allows the buyer to compare brands and suppliers in minutes by listing all the pros and cons. Even those that are unable to buy a new disc harrow can get best deals of used farming implements.
Tractors have leveled up farming by a notch. Harrows when utilized via tractor can make rolling on toughest soil feel literally like a cakewalk.

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